10 Best Presents You Can Bring to for Passover Dinner

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10 Best Presents You Can Bring to for Passover Dinner

Invited to your first Passover Dinner? Just like any dinner, you’ll want to bring a gift for your hosts. Instead of bringing something ordinary though, you should bring Passover Gifts. Not sure what good hostess gifts for Passover are out there? Let us guide you in the right direction.

We’ve created this list of best Passover gifts for bringing to someone’s house for the Passover Seder so you can be the best guest!

1. Passover Tablecloth
The first thing every Passover table needs is a Passover tablecloth. Show your appreciation and interest in the holiday by choosing from a beautiful selection of Passover tablecloths. They come in a variety of sizes to suit any table, many of them adorned with beautiful sayings in Hebrew. Best of all, these can be passed down from generation to generation. It is a very thoughtful gift!

2. Matza Cover
Passover is an important holiday for kids too. They delight in seeking out the ‘afikomen,’ a piece of matza that the adults hide. Whoever finds it gets money. It’s a wonderful tradition, but most families won’t just take a piece of matza and hide it uncovered. The tradition is that it must be eaten at the end of the meal. So a matza cover is used to protect it. Bringing a matza cover is as thoughtful as it gets, though with the purchase of our Passover tablecloth, you get a matza cover for free.

3. Matza Plate
This unleavened bread is one of the most important parts of Passover. Because Passover is a time to reflect on the exodus out of Egypt by the Israelites, matza is integral because the people left so fast that they couldn’t wait for bread dough to rise as it normally would. The dough baked in the hot sun, but because it was unleavened, it became the crisp flatbread its known as today. That’s why it can’t just be served out of the box. It needs its own beautiful place on the table. Bringing a matza plate to Passover Seder is a fantastic Passover gift your hosts will treasure.

4. Kiddush Cup
Wine is an important part of the Passover Seder, which you’ll certainly enjoy. Kiddush cups make a fantastic hostess gift for Passover. Any cup could be used but a traditional silver Kiddush cup is ideal for blessing the wine before the meal. Plus, it looks beautiful. For any other holiday, you always use your best plates and cups, and for Passover, that’s no exception. A Kiddush cup set is a perfect gift for your hosts.

5. Home Blessing
What better way to give a Passover gift than to give one that can be used all year long? A home blessing is a prayer inside a frame or compartment, one that can be displayed in the home. Some are even in the form of artistic pieces, like sculpture. It serves to protect the family and bless them with health and prosperity. You can find them in many beautiful presentations and it will be very well received.

6. Washing Cup
As per tradition, washing your hands before the Passover meal is customary. This cup is special and sacred, designed to hold the water for the hand cleansing portion of this ritual. There are beautiful ceramic versions of washing cups that you can give as a hostess gift for Passover that she will cherish every following Seder.

7. Tzedakah Box
The meaning of ‘Tzedakah’ is ‘charity.’ For the Jewish tradition, giving to charity is important, even when you only have a little to give. Even during Shabbat and other Jewish holidays, the Tzedakah box is placed on the table. It’s a wonderful way to teach children about giving back and helping others less fortunate. Some are very simple and look like a little coin bank, while others are extraordinarily ornate.

8. Passover Toys for Kids
Passover Seder tends to last a long time, which can make kids a bit antsy. Making the story of Passover more entertaining for them is always a great idea. It helps them learn about their heritage, plus they have fun doing it. As Passover gifts, these are welcome by both kids and their parents for making the holiday more memorable.

Some ideas for Passover toys for kids can include a Passover Seder Bingo game where the cards feature all the key elements of the Passover meal. A kid’s Seder set is a good choice too. It makes the practice of Seder more familiar and fun. As tradition dictates, the youngest child must read the 4 questions, and a set of finger puppets themed for the questions makes it easier to learn and play while performing their duties.

Soft Seder sets for babies and toddlers, coloring books, craft projects, and more are all Passover gift you can bring along. It shows incredible thought and kindness, something that is treasured during Jewish holidays.

9. Kosher Wine
Bringing wine to Passover Seder is never in bad form, though you should bring a kosher bottle. Because the Seder calls for adults to drink quite a bit of wine during the meal, you should consider bringing two bottles. Ask the salesperson if you need help selecting a wine that is kosher.

10. Passover Candies
Another thing the children love is to enjoy the Passover candies that come at this time of year. It’s a nice gesture to bring a box or two of different Passover candies. With the kosher symbol on the packaging, you can be sure you’re bringing a gift that will be well-received by your hosts and the kids too.

Feel free to bring more than one gift and you’ll likely get an invitation to join in Passover Seder every year!

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