Passover Tablecloths for your Seder Table

//Passover Tablecloths for your Seder Table

Passover Tablecloths for your Seder Table

Passover is just around the corner!

Passover 2019 starting at the evening of Friday, April 19th, till Saturday April 27th, later afternoon 2019

Passover also known as Pesach is a Jewish celebration which occurs in the Spring and is known as the “Spring Festival”, the “Festival of Unleavened Bread”, or the “Festival of the Paschal Lamb”.

The highlight of this seven-day commemoration (8 days outside of Jerusalem) is the Seder, or service, at which readings from the “Haggadah” remind us of the liberation of the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage and inspires one to reject attempts to deprive humanity of liberty.

With the season comes joy and excitement as it marks a remarkable phase in the history of the Jews, a new beginning, featuring a bold depiction of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. If you are reading this, I assume you are particularly excited about hosting the Seder this year. Yes?

Great! We are excited as you

Passover is indeed a beautiful season for marking a sacred history. It might not be blossoming outside just yet… but the Seder table is definitely going to be blooming this year! But of course, before you start with the decoration of your Seder table – first things first: the Passover tablecloth.

This “Seder” is shared by the hosts and guests around the dining room table complete with beautiful table linen and china, special serving dishes (Seder plate, matzo holder, bowls of salt water for dipping ceremonial foods, etc.). Don’t forget the wine glasses; the service actually calls for 4 glasses of wine to be consumed before dinner. The bountiful dinner often includes gefilte fish, eggs in salt water (to symbolize the tears shed during slavery), brisket, chicken, all kinds of kugels (puddings) and matzo recipes which do not contain leavening.

Passover table clothing can involve customary colors of blue and white or any colors of spring. One can use a single Passover tablecloth, or a tablecloth overlay placed on top of another tablecloth (in as much as it gives beauty to the dining table with regards to the occasion).

This is after all a season for festive feast – where we celebrate our Jewish ancestor’s escape from slavery in Egypt to freedom, but not just freedom… this day, we celebrate the Jewish people’s escape from poverty to prosperity, from hunger and starvation to plenty for all, hence everything should be perfectly organized, including getting the best Passover tablecloth for your dining table.

Tablecloths are known for instantly improving a less-than-perfect tabletop and add the perfect touch of elegance to any dining room. They can add the perfect pop of color, accent and theme to any party, and help you make a statement without even trying, and right here, we’ve got the best of the Passover tablecloth you can ever find on the planet.

Prepare your dining room table for the Seders this year with this charming Passover tablecloth, this tablecloth serves as a reminder for the children of Israel of their birth as God’s chosen people. This tablecloth is pretty much the explicit definition of a traditional Jewish tablecloth; it brings a modern touch to an old and ancient tradition.

So before you start burning the midnight oil in the kitchen trying to make the most delicious Passover meal ever seen (no pressure), make sure to have a befitting Passover tablecloth for your dining table, with this beautifully designed Passover tablecloth, you can say, you are ready to have a blissful feast.

Make your table with the most Unique and Original Passover tablecloth ever made (with Hebrew inscription on it that says a lot about that triumphant movement into the Promised Land of freedom). It is important that everyone participating in the Passover this year gets that exact feeling, the feeling of “I was there too”, the design on a Passover tablecloth could be a shortcut to achieving that.

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